Tools By Subject

Core Content Area Resources

Interactive resources for specific core content areas. Also listed are the PA State Standards to match assist with standards implementation and accountability.

English/Language Arts

Reading Resources



Social Studies



Create some fun activities to review and create projects for specific concepts and content. Use these sites to engage your students for creating fun and engaging animations.

    • Doink create fun animations with this incredible free animation / drawing tool – an app form only now
    • Pencil Animation -Download Only
    • Dfilm easily create fun films
    • Fluxtime more animation fun
    • Goanimate animate easily
    • Flipbook create fun flipbooks with this tools
    • Xtranormal create movies with real characters
    • Canvastic – create simple animations on this free canvas


  • iBloks- create and share music
  • Jamstudio create you own original music
  • SongSmith – a free app from Microsoft that allows singers to create songs based on their sounds
  • Songsterr -sing and play the guitar online
  • Primary Music -fun interactive games
  • Ksolo- Karaoke for the internet
  • K-12 Resources for Educators
  • Muveemix- create movies with audio
  • Pianopedia- piano resources
  • Nayio- create your own music videos
  • Finale – create your own sheet music
  • Jamglue- create and remix your music online
  • Karaokeparty- sing online and earn high points. Great for music classes!
  • Dance for Science – Imagine having students try this!!!
  • Build a Jam – create your own music, collaborate and share online

Physical Education/Health

Tech Ed.


  • Scratch- MIT’s Free programing application for kids, a fun way to learn.
  • PicoCricket - get your Scratch programed apps to come to life with this new hardware
  • Life Long Kindergarten- MIT’s research that kids can use
  • Alice- Carnegie Mellon’s free programming application – such a fun way to learn as well
  • Free Programming- tons of resources for programming
  • W3Schools- Tutorials and guides for programming
  • Sodaplay- excellent programming tools for students, increases high levels of complex thinking, but great for young ones too
  • CS4FN – Computer Science for Funa great set of resources and activities to teach kids simple programming.
  • Phrogram- learn how to program with this simple app and set of resources
  • Kodu- create some fun 3D virtual games and play them on your XBOX
  • Microsoft’s Kids Cornerfor beginner program and development
  • Etoys by Squeakland – an educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways a media-rich authoring environment and visual programming system a free software program that works on almost all personal computers
  • GameDev - a game developers website
  • YoYo Games – create and play your own games from programming them yourself
  • Construct – create games with this free open source download
  • XNA Game StudioMicrosoft’s Dreamspark XBOX360 programming gaming software – Microsoft’s App Hub
  • Gamesalad Creator - create fun games that you can actually play
  • Clickteam – a site full of free game generators download, design and play
  • CITIDEL – resources to learn programming and more
  • Killer Game Programing – learn how to program and create games in Java
  • Stencyl – create free flash games with this simple tool. No coding required

Computer Science and Engineering

Business and Career Education

World Languages

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