Professional Learning Networks/Communities

What are they?

  • Easily defined as an online group, network or community of people that come together to connect, collaborate, create, lead and extend valuable learning opportunities. Within the community, everyone has input and open invitations to share and learn.

Why join them?

  • Simply put, they provide such powerful and extremely valuable transparent learning opportunities for all members. Everyone has the chance to take part in the learning if they choose to do so. PLN’s/PLC’s create a common ground for all to communicate equally. They provide an opportunity for Group Genius to occur within the community.
  • Networks and communities create endless learning experiences without boarders or boundaries. They provide global learning opportunities that otherwise would never be experienced.
  • 24/7 Access to experts and knowledge.
  • You control your learning, they are self directed and continuous

How can you use them to learn and grow as a professional?

  • Join them to learn and lead. Find and join networks that are professionally and personally beneficial. Create your own personalized professional development opportunities. Connect from others from all over the world and allow yourself to be open to the endless possibilities.
  • Use them to create classroom connections for your students and other colleagues.
  • Create lasting professional relationships to gain insight and perspectives from others in the field.
  • Create your own PLN/PLC to create connected learning opportunities for your organization.

PLN/PLC’s to Consider Joining

Facebook as a PLN/PLC

  • Create a new Professional FB account – keep this separate from your personal account if you have one.
  • Find groups and pages on Facebook fan them or join them to begin your journey.

Twitter as a PLN/PLC

  • Connect on Twitter with millions of like minded people and organizations. Learn on the fly!

Connected Communities

Connected Communities - How social networks power and sustain the Big Society

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