New 3 R’s

Teaching The Digital 3 R’s to Today’s Kids

R #1 – Responsibility

Digital responsibility is one of the most critical Rs to expose, teach and model for our young impressionable digital learners to. Learning to be digitally responsible and ethical must be taught in today’s classrooms. We can not expect our students to know and understand how to behave digitally responsible without formal and informal instruction. Consider this, schools teach children about the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol, sex so why are we not teaching them how to become responsible and ethical digital citizens? We should block the harmful explicit sites not meant for children, but we should not continue blocking sites that offer effective productive opportunities for them, but teach them to use them responsibly. Should everyone be kept from engaging meaningful digital learning opportunities simply because some students will behave inappropriately in cyberspace? It’s everyone’s job to model and teach appropriate digital behaviors for our digital youth and set high standards and expectations for all digital learners.

Resources for Digital Responsibility and Ethics

R #2 – Reliability

Schools are doing a great job blocking the poor websites from students, but are they teaching our kids how to think critically and scrutinize web sites for reliability and validity? What digital resources are reliable? How can one know? What can we do to better prepare our digital youth to easily navigate, evaluate and appropriately utilize web sites for effective learning to occur?

Resources for Checking Web Site Reliability and Validity

 R #3 – Risks

There are risks in most everything we do today so how can we effectively address those risks with today’s kids? Do we block valuable resources and digital tools or pretend that these things don’t exist in hopes that kids don’t use them? Building awareness through open trusting quality communications and activities for students to build skills that protect them from the risks is what is needed in today’s 21st Century schools. Teach kids about digital risks and help them build skills to protect themselves.

Resources for Digital Risks

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