Free Open Source Software & Open Education Resources

Open source resources are free for download and installation. There are developers out there who are not really in it for the money so to speak. Take advantage of the resources found on these pages. Wonder why you should give it a try? Read this research by David Wheeler.

Free Operating Systems and Open Learning Management Software

  • Linux – open source PC operating system. Reliable and completely free. Runs on any PC or pocket device.
  • Open Office – why buy Microsoft when you can have a free Office Suite
  • Open Project - project management software
  • Gantt Project – gantt charts for proj. management
  • Cinelerra- Free Video Editing
  • OpenSIS - Open source Student Information System
  • Scribus- create professional looking documents and more!
  • AbiWord – download this simple word processing tool
  • Blender- one of the best 3D content creation suites around.
  • Moodle – free open source classroom environment tool. download and install on server to manage locally
  • Drupal – open content managment system, build comprehensive web sites and more
  • Joomla – create great looking web sites with Joomla!
  • Mihara – create free eportfolios with this amazing server based tool!
  • Sakai – free elearning courseware
  • FTA – Free Technology Academy

Open Courseware Resources

Take college level courses at home for free.

Open Thinking

Open Thinking and Digital Pedagogy- Created by Dr. Alec Couros ICT Coordinator and Assistant Director SIDRU Faculty of Education, University of Regina. This site is one of the best on the internet when it comes to the internet and it’s true ramifications on today’s educational pedagogy. There are many downloadable resources found here for sharing and presenting.

Open Professional Development

  • Open PD- open professional development for educators who want to learn more about technology integration.
  • Open Times- open online training for educators and professionals
  • Google Professional Training – Google is leading the way in open source and Web 2.0 development

Open Math and Science

Open English and World Languages

Open Engineering

MIT Engineering Courses

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