Mobile Apps for All Subjects

There are many apps that can assist with teaching and learning. Below are resources for finding some of the best in education.


iPad or iTouch Resources For Learning

Resources that you can download and use on the iphone, ipad or itouch. Learning will happen quickly with these tools!


Interactive Hardware Resources For the 21st Century Classroom

The hardware found here will assist with purchasing, integrating and designing interactive lessons for your classroom.

Before you purchase you should determine purchasing plans. What is your Technology Plan? Do you know your Total Cost of Ownership? Calculate it here. TCO Calculator

Top 10 Must Haves for the 21st Century Classroom

  1. Mobile Tablets – iTouch, iPad, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, etc….
  2. Interactive White Boards/LCD
  3. Microphones
  4. Webcams
  5. Laptop, Tablet,  Mobile phone
  6. Digital still/movie camera
  7. CD/DVD Burners
  8. MP3 Players and microphone/Speakers
  9. Student Response Systems – CPS or Senteo
  10. Amazon Kindles/eReaders

Interactive White Boards

There are many choices for Interactive white boards or displays, but let me save you time and money. In my opinion SMART beats the competition hands down. Only my experience, opinion and preference. I will share more here with others that I have used and provide support links for all.

Interactive White Boards

SMART Boards

Polyvision Boards

Promethean Boards

Onfinity – I was able to demo this product for a month and I enjoyed using it very much. UV rays effect the IR beams.

  • Make any wall, board or screen and instant portable interactive white board – a great alternative to a bulky smart board. Simple and easy to pack and go!
  • Downloads
  • Hitachi -Now has a dual touch interactive white board.
  • PC – HP, Dell
  • Mac
  • EEE PC- the tiny yet powerful mini computer. Run Windows or Linux. A great value! EEE PC
  • FLY Fusion Pen- have you ever thought about using a Fly Pen for a simple integration of technololgy. It’s a micro computer in a pen. Worth investigating for a low budget classroom.
  • Amazon Kindle Download and read books and newspapers 130,000 titles. Email documents, read wikipedia entries.


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