4I’s in Education

What are the 4 I’s in Education?

Integrate digital technologies seamlessly and relevantly into daily instructional strategies and student learning tasks. Use technology in a way that is meaningful to students. Allow them to create something with their new levels of knowledge, understanding and skills.

Create innovative lessons and learning tasks that help students become more engaged and self directed learners. Break away from the traditional teaching methods. Use small group instruction, student inquiry based learning, project based learning and interest based learning to cover content. Find out how to reach today’s students with the latest technology tools and resources.

Design learning tasks to support a child’s curiosity and desire to invent or produce something new. Allow students time to explore topics and gain knowledge while applying and inventing something completely new. Create interdisciplinary lesson plans that allow children the opportunity to connect the content area topics in meaningful ways.

Inspire kids to imagine the impossible. Inspire a love for learning by modeling and allowing students time to explore content outside of the basic educational programs. Find out where they are and help kids follow a pathway towards more personalized learning opportunities.

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